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The W3C and PageRank

You can donate to the W3C through their “W3C Supporters” PRogram. By donating over $1,000 USD, you get a link from this page. No PRoblem, right? Well…

That page is has a Google PageRank of 9. And apparently they’ll let “supporters” pick their link text, because there are hyperlinks on that page like “SEO Company,” “Wedding Favors,” “RSS Feeds,” and “ski holidays.”

So, effectively, the W3C is letting people buy PageRank, because I’ll bet fully half the companies on the page couldn’t give a rip about the W3C mission. According to Performancing. some people are pissed about it. A PR9 link for $1,000? Was this the best kept secret in SEO?

(And, for that matter, do we do the same thing? There are a bunch of text links down the right side of this page. Are these people buying PageRank, or are they legitimately trying to reach the Gadgetopia audience? How do you find out?)

Running. The some page on list has PR only 2 (omg) and today is dance/update page rank and still PRetdicts 2. I think there are more sites and more links out here. But thx for inspiration i will save this information and maybe. THX it is GREEEAT tip

That is quite funny all of you are donating $1000 to this site and they don?t even PRovide your link to any of the search engines as the page source states:

For those of you who can?t figure this out that HTML tells the search bots not to read the content below. Therefore your links aren?t showing up to search engines.

Those of you who like donating money can come to my site now and donate the money I just saved you if your that giving:

Batman says:

Ya, there is a reference in the source code. note the NOFOLLOW attribute.

However, Google does state that it reserves the right to ignore the NOFOLLOW attribute if it feels that the resource that is being linked is worthy.

Donate at your own risk.

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