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Q. Are these links build manual or by software?

A. At this PRice of course they are build by software. Nobody would do so many links manual for $9.

Q. Are the websites related to my keywords?

A. No. Nobody could deliver 2.500 backlinks niche related.

Q. Why is your service so cheap?

A. My service is so cheap because there is nobody else involved in it. Unlike others that sell you the same package for $30-$40, I dont have to pay anyone to do the job. There is no middleman here.

Q. Where should I use your service?

A. You can use it directly on your website, tier 1 backlinks, youtube video, yelp page, web 2.0, facebook page. Almost anywhere

Q. I this service safe for my website?

A. Absolutelly. Even if all backlinks are build in 1-2 days, I dont ping them but I use the best indexing service on the market, that will dreepfeed your links slowly to search engines at your requested schedule, so it will all look like natural link building.

Q. Can I customize my order?

A. Yes. You can set your own % of generic anchors and domain name as anchor.

Q. Can I really have unlimited urls and kw?

A. Yes. But all urls will be mixed with all kw. I dont accept urls that have individual keywords.

Q. Do you also create a article for me?

A. No. I dont write articles and hiring someone would mean $5 cost. You can send me your own article and I would spin it for you or you can let me scrape one based on your keywords.

Q. Do you accept adult/pharmacy/gambling websites?

Buy contextual links
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