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Rabu, 21 Januari 2009 Advertisers, You can now buy links on my website directly! I have recently joined to enable advertisers to buy text links advertisement on my website. Ask2link's text links are unique since they could bring targetted traffic and boost your org...

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FACT: Buying Links ImPRoves Rankings With countless websites out there and more being added every day, search engines needed a way to figure out which websites should be listed first when people search. Although search engines look at a number of things when trying to determine h...

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BackLinks | Advertisers ImPRove Your Position on Google, Yahoo and Bing ImPRove Rankings Through Inbound Links Research shows and search engine experts agree that the ranking of your web site is mostly dependent on the quality and quantity of links back to your site. G...

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Iran may buy 100 aircraft from Airbus in first major trade boom A purchase of more than 100 aircraft from Europe's Airbus may be one of Iran's first big deals in a trade and investment boom that could reshape the economy of the Middle East, Reuters reports. "The legs o...

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Web 2.0 dilution: SF Chron discovers link-buying and ad sales Looks like Gawker Media bloggers weren't the only writers running "hangover articles" yesterday. SF Chronicle writer Carrie Kirby filled an entire article about two guys working with text ads. The first is a ...

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